VIDEO surveillance

There are numerous surveillance configurations InterShare can provide to meet your needs.


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Here's what we have to offer

  • IP /Analog Video Recorders and Cameras
  • Remote Video Monitoring and Playback
  • LPR Systems (License Plate Recognition)
  • Extensive Variety of Cameras

Surveillance Hardware
There are numerous surveillance configurations InterShare can provide to meet your needs. Whether your goal is security or quality control, we can help. You may even be able to replace your old VCR Tape System and use your existing cameras.

Remote Playback & Monitoring
The Intershare Black-Box series is a true network surveillance system. We offer a wide range of solutions for remote playback and monitoring. Captured images or videos can be easily distributed to remote locations through the LAN / WAN environment or internet connection.

Smart Recording Technology
InterShare Smart Recording Technology, automatically distributes frame rates to the camera based on alarm or motion detection allowing for more efficient utilization of digital video recorder (DVR) resources.

Audio Recording
With the addition of audio recording, you can record and playback audio and video simultaneously, giving you a precise picture of the event.

Embedded Pan-Tilt-Zoon (PTZ) Palette
PTZ-capable cameras can be controlled directly from the Black-Box surveillance system or any Black-Box remote-view workstation. Intuitive control of movement is available through the embedded control panel on the video display.

Digital Watermark
The Digital watermark will check whether the image is originally captured from the Black-Box system or not. If the captured image has been altered or modified, the software will indicate that the image has been damaged and it will no longer be used as an original

Built-In Motion Detection System
The Black-Box Series motion detector can be configured individually for each camera. The sensitivity and masking area can be adjusted separately according to the environmental conditions, providing reliable and accurate detection 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.